Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making Christmas Meaningful~ Organization

I am somewhat joining....more so stalking the new Spell Out Loud Making Christmas Meaningful
I do not have a lot to add to this, because this is an area I am looking for ideas and getting organized myself.

However, since I have been thinking about this, since....well last August or so!! {Seriously!!} I have found a few ideas, and come up with some plans, that I will try to share.

First treasure I found, at the Aussie Pumpkin Patch. These great holiday planning sheets, scroll down they are there, along with tons of other free planners. I have these all printed and sitting, nice and BLANK on my desk!!! She also has tons of Christmas Crafts, under the Christmas link.

Now I have a cute planner cover and sheets to add, thanks to Spell Out Loud

I also like the idea I got from my good friend, at Dean's Academy, about Christmas School We will be doing this for about 3-4 weeks during December and January. I am thinking 2 weeks before Christmas into the first week of January.

Otherwise we will be doing our regular traditions

One Tradition we have is we only give each child 3 gifts each with a special meaning...

1 Frankincense ~This is a spiritual gift, usually a book, each year when the kids get old enough we purchase them a set of scriptures. Sometimes it's a cute necklace for the girls, that says things like I am a child of God, CTR, etc.

2 Gold~ This is their BIG present, something they really want and it's well....just for fun!

3 Myrrh~ This is something they need. Usually it's a new outfit for Christmas Day. Sometimes we throw in a package of socks or undies, or shoes or something.

Then we also do our stockings, which is usually just fun things, and such.

On Christmas eve, we do New Christmas PJ's, a book and sometimes Mama Bear gets crazy and makes blankets or something. This year, I am thinking I might tackle new matching jammies!!

That, along with any other gifts we get, is always way too much!!

We have some traditions, crafts, and fun things we do each year, which I will mention on the different weeks, along with the Making Christmas Meaningful Thread. We also do service projects, and of course have tons of books to share! So stay tuned, and don't forget to add to the thread, so I can steal all your great ideas too!!!!

Check out the Thirsty Thursday Posts for many more great ideas!


  1. Thanks for sharing Melinda! I like the meanings you have for the 3 gifts. I've never seen that explained before.

  2. I love the idea of the three gifts! It really helps keep Christ in Christmas! You should link this post to Handmade Holidays at The Snail's Trail.


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