Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making Christmas Meaningful~ Books/Music/Movies

I have heard of a holiday book basket idea, such as was posted on the Spell Out Loud website.
I did this one year!!! I think it will be a nice addition to our holiday school routine. Hopefully I'll remember and post a list of the books when I gather them for our basket!

This year two weeks before Christmas and at least 1-2 weeks after Christmas we are going to attend Holiday School. I got this idea from my friend Andrea, at the Dean's Academy. Basically all "book work" will be put away. We will still be learning and attending school, but it will be in a more relaxed and holiday themed way! I am going to use the book, A Christ-Centered Christmas, as our base. I also thought now would be a great opportunity to use our book, family math. This is something I was so excited to purchase, and still haven't found the time to implement it, like planned. We will be working on traditions, and fun learning together! Along with some fun service projects we do each year, and a few new ones in the works!

I am gathering and looking for different advents to add to our days. I want to have 7 different advents going each day, and make it so all the A's are rotating around doing them. I already have 4, so I am half way there!! I have {1} one my mom made me years ago you move beads around a metal ring, until Christmas Eve is a star. {2} I have this one from oriental trading company,{3} we have made these printable cut out nativity advents the last few years, {4} my good friend made one for me years ago that is a red and green paper link one that has a scripture and song on it to sing/read each day, I also saw this cute a-door-able one in the family fun magazine I am hoping to make. This stocking countdown is cute too, these magnetic countdown, DIY are also super cute! If I get these made, asap!!! Then I will have all seven ready to go!

I am also planning on doing many different activities, crafts, games and lots and lots of healthy cooking! Seriously we only use natural cane sugar, and natural sweeteners, so I am excited to experiment, and try some new recipes I have found. I also have cute Christmas sucker molds. I plan on blogging each day during December, or almost each day!!

We have tons of books, and a few movies, and tons of Christmas Music. We listen to Christmas Music all year!!! I am super busy right now planning regular school, and our Thanksgiving Themed School Time, so once that settles down I will hopefully be able to add a list of our Christmas Books we own, or ones I wish to own. When we did this before I sat it on the floor, by our Christmas Tree. I loved that idea, then each night we read a book. I also have a few different nativity type pictures, like these, I choose one, usually this one, and have a beautiful frame...that I put under the Christmas Tree....right up until Christmas Morning, and after!!


  1. What a great idea! I hope you post the rest when you think of them Thanks for adding this post to the blog list! :)

  2. I have just discovered your blog. I love it! This is our first year homeschooling and we love it so far. Your sight is inspirational and full of ideas. I love your Making Christmas Meaningful post. I plan to check in regularly. I also love to hear that you listen to Christmas music all year long . I do to. Its nice to know I'm not the only one.


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