Monday, December 28, 2009

Burlap pillow

Here's what I made for A1... a burlap pillow! Instead of a Monogram, since all the kids are A's {it might get even more confusing!!!} I decided to use one of our favorite hymns...
"Savior Stay this night with me..."
I simply went onto a my windows works, and typed it, found a cool "boy" text, and made it the size I needed for the pillow I wanted. Then I used an exacto knife and cut out the letters, painted it and sewed! He loved it.
And A4 got a new fleece blanket. Nothing "special" there, I came up with some ideas, way too late to accomplish it before Christmas, so I am going to do one for his birthday.
His blanket was one of the no sew ones. I took fleece, two different pieces, and cut out the corners. I cut 7 inch squares off the corners, and then every one inch you cut a 7 inch strip, then simply tie together. He didn't even notice, he only got a blanket!!!!
Actually I must add a big thank you to Papa Bear, he stayed up the night before Christmas Eve and helped me cut this and tie it. BIG THANKS FOR THAT ONE, I LOVE YOU!!!
{Now I just need to remember to shoot a picture of all the gifts}

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  1. Thanks for this idea. I'm going to make all handmade gift next year. This one will be perfect for my daughters.


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