Friday, December 18, 2009

Cloaks for Christmas~

and now for what Mama Bear {aka Melinda!!} is making for A2 and A3....CLOAKS!!! I have wanted to make these for these two girls for some time now, and what better time than Christmas! I do have a feeling I will be making 2 more after Christmas for the 2 younger girls!!

oh and I should mention, that once I am all finished with all these gifts... I'll post some pictures!! I accidentally, okay wasn't thinking, and wrapped a few already, so we will have to wait until after Christmas, there's NO WAY I would ever unwrap an all ready wrapped gift!


  1. You are very creative. Are these like the kind that characters from Lord of the Rings would wear? I'm thinking of making one of these and a wooded sword for my grandson's 6th birthday. I love to read about what you are making.

  2. So sorry, I forgot to post about your question~~ Yes I would supose these are like the Lord of the Rings types of cloaks, not sure. We are not a Lord of the Rings family! Though we have seen it before, I just NEVER make it through any movies, NEVER!!! I will post a picture of it after it's opened! Along with tips any other advice I might add!! Love the toy soldier idea, A4 would have loved that, but I have run out of time.


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