Monday, December 21, 2009

a peek inside my window......

I love my blog, I love my blogger world, my blogging friends. I love the sharing and caring that takes place. I love the almost adult conversations I get from my blog. I love peeking inside someones window, and getting a little glimpse into their life. I love letting others peek inside my windows for support, but only on good days! And that's where I have gone wrong. I DO NOT want anyone to ever walk away from my window, thinking WOW now she is that SUPER HOMESCHOOL MOM!!!! I hate when I leave a blog, and feel worst then when I started.

Yes, everything on this blog is real. Yes it's all things that have or sometimes have not work for us, but no my life is not all pretty, perfect and anything like my blogger home!

I wanted to make sure it's all real here, since at times I feel like I give too much of a Super Homeschool Mom attitude.

So in keeping it real around here,
~We just finished folding 3 loads of laundry, that was a Mountain High on my living room couch!
~My idea of folding socks, is to throw them in a basket, and go on a wild search, when it's time to go anywhere. Or better yet throw on two miss-matched socks and call it good!
~The only reason my little girls hair, is usually done, is thanks to their older sisters.
~Sometimes, like right now, I am here blogging, instead of making dinner.
~I yell, and scream...way too much. Even one time is too often in my book.
~We have watched more DVD's in the past 2 weeks, then probably what we have watched through out the entire year.
~Sometimes when I am correcting my daughters math, I have to use my fingers!!! {Shhhh}
~I am always hoping a praying my oldest is understanding his math, so I don't have to try to!! Can you tell, I never did very well in math.
~Most of the time, I can't remember what I just read/saw/hear....just 2 seconds ago...seriously.
~I let my baby sleep, as long as he wants, just so I don't have to chase him.
~The last two weeks I have been locking myself in my bedroom, and sewing... it's all in the name of Holidays.
~I detest the holidays, every time I say we will go easy, not get stressed, and I am
~I procrastinate.... way more than I should. It's usually things I hate doing.... like planning our school lessons. I hate doing that.
~I rarely "teach" my children, we talk, read, and learn all the time, but I rarely "teach" them.
~My learning room currently doesn't have a floor, or if it does I can not see it.
~My bed, is almost never made.... and usually it's not until later in the afternoon when I put my younger A's on it to nap. My husband usually makes it at night before we go to bed.
~I detest messes, it's the hardest part of my life, to be cluttered, and have things messy. Yet it's main part of my life.

I better stop now, or I might have to go find some CHOCOLATE... to help me deal with my stress level.
Oh well, now you've all seen inside my window.... notice the pile of laundry??!!!???
{pushing the publish button, was one of the hardest things I have had to do on this blog!!!}

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  1. great post :) You'd see many of the same things peeking inside my window. Thank you for sharing --- I enjoy visiting your blog.
    Merry Christmas :)


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