Monday, January 18, 2010

Sugar, oh sugar!!!

okay so as i have stated, we don't eat sugar. This being said, we do eat natural cane {also known as turbinado} sugar, honey, stevia and agava. I do try to limit this. I figure to some degree sugar is sugar, and not good, even in it's natural state. I don't want to get into a "sugar fight" with anyone! So all I am going to say, is it's quite common knowledge that sugar isn't good for you. I am a sugar lover! Always have been, I'm sure. I have a very, very, very sweet tooth. Sugar was hard for me to give up. Which is why I am so thankful for so many natural sweeteners!
The reason we stopped, was knowledge, we started studying sugar, and learning about it, and we had to stop. As for our family, we had to give it up all or nothing, we are a cold turkey kind of family!!! We have tried to give up sugar, oh I don't know around 100 times!!! This time it finally stuck. The more I read, the more I study the more I am so thankful for that decision.
So how did we do it, we simply threw out everything that had sugar. Then we started reading EVERYTHING!!! Simply reading the labels, will amaze you. There were so many things I thought were healthy, so many things that said they were healthy, so many things I had no idea had sugar in it that does. It's amazing. I challenged a few of my sister-in-loves {heard that someone, and thought it was so cute!!}, for one week read the labels of everything you eat. Eat normal, or try to eat "healthy" and see how much sugar you are truly eating. It's amazing!!
Do we still eat sugar, sure once in awhile. It's hard to not eat some. We have a rule, no sugar in our home. As for being out and about, we try to make the best decisions we can. We try to take our own desserts to family or homeschool type parties. However each of our children are given the choice when they are gone, to make their own decisions. A1 has almost no problem, he's never been a big sugar-kid, definitely not his Mom's boy there! A3 is definitely a sugar girl, she might even have a bigger, sweeter sweet tooth than her Mom?? Sugar once in awhile, and a true understanding and knowledge of it is our key to good health! No I am definitely not the healthiest person in the world, I am not in the best shape of my life.... but we are on the right path, and always trying to change for the better.
As for sugar in fruits, I believe it's fine and good for you.... I don't believe God would put natural sugar on this world if it wasn't intended for our bodies. I also believe you need some good sugar to help keep your body happy!
Is it hard, actually not too much anymore. There are so many fun treats and yummy natural sweets, we hardly feel like we are missing anything. Actual the other day the A's were all discussing this very thing... and they all agreed, they love the taste of our natural sweeteners, over any others they have ever tasted!!!!
How do you know if someone doesn't eat sugar, you see their A's in the grocery store reading all the labels of anything that "looks" good, to see if their Mama or Papa Bear, just might buy it for them!!! Seriously if you ever see us in the store, with the A's we are probably all standing there reading labels, and if you are an A that can't read yet, you are standing there with something waiting for an older A to read it for you, hoping they will give you permission to let Mama or Papa Bear read it too!!!


  1. so hard but so smart

  2. You guys are so good. I wish I could give it up completely. I was reading the label on the spaghetti sauce the other day and was shocked to see sugar is added.

  3. Hmm, interesting. I don't add sugar to anything or drink soda, but I didn't really think about the other foods that contained it. Can you bake with the natural versions?
    I don't think we could go cold turkey! But I think we could start swopping sugar high products for something else.
    Thanks for the post. I like things that make me sit up and take notice!

  4. Since I started discussing this, I figured I'd add a few recipes! Yes we cook with all the natural sweeteners. Papa Bear makes a killer apples pie! No sugar, honey only... yum! We also made an awesome pumpkin pie, cookies, brownies, and tons of yummy desserts. Make sure you get the free cookbook I mentioned in the original post. It has tons of great recipes, tips and tricks.

  5. Melinda,
    You need to share that recipe for those yummy mini pumpkin pies. I'll be waiting for that one.


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