Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canned Food Rotation System

{Photo from Shelf Reliance Website}
I would have taken a picture of my own, but it's in our dark and dreary storage room... this picture just looks happier!!!!

We love, Love, LOVE this... the Harvest 72" Food Rotation System by Shelf Reliance.

So I thought I would post a quick review of it, here.

Many homeschoolers.... epecially homeschoolers of a houseful, tend to stock up, by in bulk and well need food-lots and lots of food!!!!! I ran across this at a local store, and fell in love with it! {AWE Love at first site!!} Papa Bear, well he doesn't have that love of all things organized as I do. Not to say he's not organized.... but it's just not in MY way of being organized!!! He actully thinks I'm weird, because everything I do, or say... somehow turns into an organizing project. And yet, I always feel so unorganized, maybe if everyone else would just do it like I wanted it done, that would be taken care of. I actually have warned everyone if they can't do it my way.... I am going to have to go through out our house and label everything. I already have labeled a few things, but well Papa Bear and the A's think I'm label happy. {I might agree, some days I might admit it!!}

SO back to the subject... all things organized. We purchase tons of food around here. Feed a Mouthful of a Houseful of Homeschoolers is, well work. I purchase things I know we eat, everyday in bulk or if it's on sale, you can guarentee I will have a large amount in my shopping cart. I also hate the thought of, A finding, or B thinking that I might not be eating the food in proper rotations. The A's mostly put our food away in our storage room, and so it can get a bit messy. I love this system, you simply put your newest purchased cans at the top, and they roll down to the line of waiting food. No more wondering if they grabbed the correct one.

Also should I mention it... yes I better.... it comes with magnetic lables {YIPEE} There are pre-made labels, with cute pictures on them. There are also a bunch of blank magnetic labels to write your own names.

This was relativly easy to assemble {though Papa Bear might not agree} For the size of it, it wasn't that bad. Once we figured it out and got a system going, it went quickly. I would reccomend to read the instructions, it was a bit confusing looking at all the pieces. Another bonus I love about this, is that unlike pre-made or built in units, this is 1 free standing. Meaning I can move it as many times as I like. Well as many times as I can convince Papa Bear to move it! And 2 it is easy to adjust the rolling racks. Since we have changed our diet we don't eat certain items like we use to. This was easily fixed. You simply change the size that you have the rack set at. Also the labels are magnetic, and easily moved. That is one thing I disliked, the lables fall off easily, especially if it's little A's putting food away. Though somehow the food still can get put in the correct rack.... even without the labels.... go figure!
So my organization loving self, give this unit an A++

Also there are many smaller sizes and different units, depending on your needs. Since we are a houseful... it seems everything we buy tends to be.... well.... LARGE!!!!

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