Wednesday, March 31, 2010

COME ON!!!!!!!!! REALLY?????

Well in case you didn't notice, that title is said in a very loud, very frustrating scream!!!!
No the A's are all behaving {as well as A's behave, that is!!} Yeah it's snowing here, and I am so done with the snow, but no that's not it either!

Let me back up a bit, and start my story at the beginning. Last Monday, I was doing some wash, and we heard a large clank in the washer. Hmmm that didn't sound good, it could be anything~ REALLY! Talk about some odd items going through our washer. Tuesday morning we got up, and hit the road for a field trip. We needed to be there early... no time to do any laundry before. When we got home, I threw in a load. The machine beeped, it's ever so annoying BEEP~BEEP~BEEP! That is one thing I hate about this machine it BEEPS FOREVER!!! I instantly walked over to take out the load, and it was socking wet. There was no way it spun. So I put it on the spin only cycle, and left the room. Again, it BEEPED!!! I went in and again found the machine full of wet clothes. Well it was too late to call the appliance center where I purchased it. That's 2 days of no laundry, in a house full of A's, the laundry is piling up. Wends morning I call the appliance center, after figuring out it is still under warranty, as I thought. They said we can get our repair man over tomorrow to take a look. GREAT, another day of no laundry... this isn't looking good. The repair man comes, does some looking, and decides we need a new electrical board. I say to him,.... how long do you think that will be? Oh probably next Tuesday! GREAT, that's all I could think of! Papa Bear reminded me of an older washer we had in our storage shed, and said he could bring it on Saturday, and I could use that. Oh what a relief. Saturday, first thing in the morning... we dug that washer out! YES THAT WAS DUG!!! It was buried, it was being used as a storage shelf! He hooked it up outside to the tap, to make sure it worked, and what do you know it LEAKED, EVERYWHERE!!! Thankfully we were off to visit Grandma, and I called and asked if I could bring a few loads of badly needed items. That was 1 week of no laundry! Of course she graciously said yes! Oh and she even did the laundry while Papa bear and I took care of some errands... not only did she do the laundry, but she kept the A's all except A7 who detests being left at Grandpa and Grandma's!! He's a stinker!!! OH clean clothes smell so good!!!
Tuesday late afternoon the repair man shows up, and fixes the machine. It took him maybe 20 minutes! I managed to get 3 loads through, before bedtime.
I went to bed Tuesday night, with the plan to wake up... and run that laundry machine ALL DAY, NON STOP!!! Wednesday morning, as we were getting ready to do the breakfast dishes, and start our day of non stop laundry.... the water isn't working!!!! Are you kidding me??? COME on!!! REALLY?????? So now do I not only have a laundry room, FULL {over flowing} with dirty clothes, but I also have a STINKY KITCHEN full of DIRTY DISHES!!!!!

Long story short, I decided after this happened, I can not let it get me down. I must move on. My first thought was great, I am SO NOT being MOM TODAY!! Then I thought, what type of example would I be setting for my children if I did that. I simply shut the laundry room door... and have tried not to enter the stinky kitchen..... put a smile on and started our day!

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  1. I suggest you just laugh and close the door. It doesn't give you a head ache like crying. Maybe another field trip is in order.


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