Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fort Buenaventura

For our May Field Trip we went to Fort Buenaventura....
a lovely park in Ogden. Okay I have lived here, most of all my life, and I don't think I've ever been here! I hope to return soon, with Papa Bear and enjoy it again... it's beautiful there.
We had a Wilderness Survival Man there, who discussed many survival skills, and things that Mountain Men would do to life. He also is a beaver trapper, today. Let's just say Noble, was in heaven. Survival is his newest "thing". He even had to go up and talk to him after the presentation!

Here is the replica of the original fort. Boy found a new friend!

and of course, we had to learn about hatchet throwing.....

Can you believe I got three of my own children throwing at the same time!
This next picture is of Valiant, he was SO into it. He's a knife throwing, gun toting, little man.

WAIT!!!!! How did that get in here????
Okay it's Mama Bear!

My plan was to hit the log, and bring fear to my A's.....
sorry didn't happen!!!!
but it was fun trying. I needed the taller log, I had one sitting on the ground. I kept throwing too high... I know excuses, excuses!!!


  1. just found your website from a comment you made on another blog (fivejs). i found it interesting that your children's names all begin with 'a'. we have 5 girls, no boys, and all begin with the letter 'j'. when i post something on the calendar i just mark which j it is, for example dentist j3 and j4 10:00.

  2. How funny is that!!! The fivej's are all "J's" too!!
    I just have to know, did you plan to name them all "J's"??
    Ours wasn't really planned, it just happened!!


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