Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday BOB!!!

Last week, I was in the copy shop in our small town, getting our chore charts laminated. I am seriously into laminating right now, EVERYTHING!!! NOBLE actually told me he hates lamination!! I asked him why, and he said you have to be careful to not rub it off.... I said it's a toss up, laminate and learn to be careful, or keep using paper, and make your mom feel like she is killing every tree on the earth!! Not really, but we go through a ton of paper, or can around here. I will try to remember to post about the laminate charts I have made... later, right now it's Bob's day!!

I walked into the small copy shop, it's run by a cute little local couple. I bet they have lived here their entire lives, they are truly cute, and super nice. I love living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone. Even though we are not super involved, just visiting the copy shop, or the grocery store... people ask you questions, talk to you about your kids, and it's like everyone knows everyone.
As I entered the copy shop, I noticed that there were three other customers in the copy area, getting copies made, and such. I was standing there, reading some nice patriotic and religious quotes they have on a bookshelf. The owner, the wife walked over and said, we are singing Happy Birthday to Bob! I said okay... somewhat uncertain of what was going on. She explained it was Bob's 80th birthday, he lives alone and doesn't have any family close by anymore. The husband gathered the other two customers, while the wife went to get Bob, who was talking with another employee there. As they walked in we all started singing Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear B-O-B... Happy Birthday to you!!!
I wish I had my camera with me.... it was priceless, the look on Bob's face. I saw so many emotions, happiness, cheer, a little embarrassment.... but mostly joy. It was more the fact that he knew he was loved, he was cared for. It was priceless.....

and that is why I love living my life in a small town.


  1. That is so sweet.

    Did I ever tell you how successful our Christmas was because of all your help with handmade Christmas ideas. Thanks

    Can you glue stuff onto laminated surfaces. I'm making an alphabet path project and wonder if I can glue sand paper letters to laminated card stock. Do you know?

  2. how sweet!!! I wish I lived in a small town now!!

    My laminating tip: You probably all ready do this, so I'm probably just being monotonous. If things are normal page size (8 1/2 x 11) we don't laminate it, but stick it in a page protector. That saves on the laminating and is just as effective.

  3. Yes I do that, to all our textbooks, workbooks, and tons of larger items I want to have a wipeoff surface.
    Another great trick, I think only works with the no heat sticky laminators {which I have} is to double up two papers and laminate them together, then cut around the edges and pull them apart so only the front is laminated.
    I had to laminate these, because my laminator isn't the best with wipe off markers, and I wanted this clear and able to stay on for a week. My laminator makes wipe off''s dot up. Somethings that's fine and doesn't bother me, somethings it does.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the ideas I found. It sure made for us a fun Christmas too, and I tradition I hope to continue.

    As for glue, I am not sure. I do use velcro ontop of lamination. I can't use velcro on top of my lamintor, it won't stick, and I've tried tons of different ideas, it won't stick. It seems I've been able to use velcro on professional type laminators. I also know some of the no heat laminators do alow for velcro, if you can get velcro to stick, glue should work too... I would assume.
    I would love to see your alphabet trail and sand paper letters idea, let me know if you post any pictures of it.

  5. Kate, I just learned a new trick to using velcro with lamination. If it doesn't stick, you can slightly wear the service, make it slightly rough, using sandpaper or an emery board. Then the velcro will stick. If the glue didn't work, this would mostlikely work for that too!!!


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