Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homemade Refried Beans

There's nothing like homemade refried beans...
they are yummy, easy, and nutritious. {When homemade that is!!}

I make mine in my crockpot. I fill it about half full of pinto beans, and then fill the rest with water. I don't know the exact measurements, we buy our pintos in bulk... so I just dump it in. somehow over my years, and years of cooking and baking, I have lost all my cooking technique learned in home EC. I cook by looking and measure in my way! Oh well. I did look up a recipe for refried beans and it said 1 pound of beans to 5 cups of water.

Next I put the beans on high for about 1 hour. I get it good and hot and bubbly, then I turn it down to low and let is simmer. Usually I let them simmer a good 12 hours, either all day or all night. Make sure the first part of the cooking time you are close and able to watch the water level. After awhile you don't need to add too much more water. After they are cooked and soft, I turn it down to keep warm, until we are ready to eat.

Then I put the beans and a small amount of the water in my Bosch mixer and beat it with the beater attachments. I add some salt, again to preference. Then I add the secret ingredient.... SPIKE. If you have never had Spike, you need to try it. It's expensive, but wonderful.

We started making these a little before I had Boy. We haven't used canned beans since... you can't these are wonderful.

I almost feel silly putting this recipe on my blog, since they are so easy. The thing is they are so cheap and easy to make. They taste atleast 10 times better than the canned.

I usually make a large crockpot full about once a week, and we use them throughout the week.
We like to make nachos, burritos, tostados, enchiladas, the works. We love them with fresh salsa and homemade guacamole. Sometimes Virtue will warm them up and melt some cheese on top and eat them that way, without chips or anything.

enjoy I know we do.


  1. I had no idea it was that easy........I'm going to try and cook some tonight. Can I get Spike anywhere or do I need to look for it at the health food store.

  2. yes I have to purchase Spike at a health food store. I was excited to see it is sometimes on amazon. {I have a slight love of Amazon!!}
    I am sure it can be purchased online too


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