Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Time Curriculum......

I am an organizer, planner and maybe over achiever! {No I didn't say that, that was Papa Bear jumping in!!! HEE, HEE}

I have started this post a few times, and it always became so LONG, and overwhelming!! I decided to break it down into Family Time, and then the children individually, or as they will be doing things together.
Family Time

Family Scripture Study~ every morning with Papa Bear. We simply read through at least 1 chapter of scriptures. We are currently in the Old Testament. Once finished, we will have read the entire set of scriptures as a family!! Then we will start all over again!

Music~ we sing the same songs, and hymns the entire week. Making them more familiar to us. I try to find ones we don't know, or don't know as well. I choose one from the LDS Hymnal, one from the LDS Children's song book, one educational, one patriotic, and sometimes throw in one seasonal or fun song too. I am also hoping to continue the recorder lessons we started at the beginning of last year.... only this time I would like to do it all year!! We also visit a local care center once a month and preform some of these songs along with our memory work and music, piano pieces.

Memory Work~ Typically we do one poem, one scripture, one patriotic quote or something patriotic, one educational/character building/or one something that sounded great!! I am also going to add individual memory work for the older kids to work on. {that will come later in the individual posts!}

Morning Calendar Time~ I will post all about the updates we've made to this for the coming year.

History~We will be using the My Father's World, Creation to Greeks. I do not plan to do all the festivals and meals as in the book. We will discuss them, and maybe do one or two, but I can not handle that much!!

Science~ We will be doing family science with the My Father's World package. It uses the book Genesis for kids. Along with that there are a few other books, Dinosaurs in Eden, Pyramid, and Archimedes and the Door of Science. I am unsure if Noble will always join us in this, I will see how his schedule plays out, and his time.

Nature Study~I am planning on doing a twice a month nature study. I will be using sources like the outdoor nature hour. I will be planning these each month. I am planning on going with the children's interests and making plenty of bunny hops and running along different trails as we do this. We will also make nature notebooks. I am uncertain how this will work in the Winter months, I might try to incorporate more science hands on experiments.. learning about things like volcano's, and hurricanes and such. Then at least once a month I plan on going on a nature walk/hike.

Music Appreciation~ Again this was included in our My Father's World package. We will focus on these three composers,Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel.

Art~ Again is included in our MFW package, God and the history of Art. This looks really fun and exciting!!! Along with that I am sure we will do a few craft and fun art projects throughout the year.

Vocabulary~ Our lessons will focus on Greek roots this year using English from the Roots Up.

Geography~ This one is still a little undetermined. I have Galloping the Globe, and there is an awesome website, homeschool creations. She made great printables and lesson plans to go with this. My thoughts are that we will do world geography 2 times a week. Using this and I am going to incorporate more for the older A's. I do not plan to go to the extent of these lesson plans, because we are not doing geography as our main subject, as she did. Then once a week we will study The States. I don't really have a plan or curriculum for this yet.... still pondering. There are some items in the Galloping the Globe. So it's time to stop dragging my feet on this, and get it all together!!! Once I figure it out, I'll try to remember to post.

Read Alouds~ We will use the suggested read alouds in the MFW package. We will also continue with our lunch time read alouds. Each child chooses a book for the lunchtime read aloud, rotating youngest to oldest.

Foreign Languages~ I am working out the details of learning Hebrew together. I am thinking this will begin after the new baby is born. I want to get everything else working well first! We also learn words and songs in Sign Language together.

Character~ for this we simply read and discuss! I love the polite moments, and then we use other fun books, like wisdom and the Millers. I will try to give a running list of these, at a later time.

PE~ YEAH!!! I am so excited {as are all the A's} about this. Our local homeschool community, has decided to start a twice a month PE class. The mom's will all help with teaching, and younger kids control. The first time we meet, we will discuss a new game, the rules, and practice some of the basics. The second time we meet, we will play the game and have fun. Each month will be a different group game. Even though we have a large family, trying to play large group games doesn't always work out so well!! Even though I do try to get out and play with them often, it so doesn't work out.

Phew!!! That was a lot of typing... tons of planning! However we will finish all of that in around 2 hours each day! It seems like a ton, but it's broken down into doable chunks. With the MFW package, they don't schedule a lot for Fridays. I plan to use our Fridays for PE, Nature Study, and catch up. I have four family time blocks in our schedule. This will last for 2 hours, and will incorporate all these things. I will post our update schedule shortly!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I always get alot out of reading schedules and plans. :)

  2. Looks like a fun and exciting year!


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