Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Singing at the Care Center.....

We started meeting with 2 other local homeschool families, to sing to the residents of the care center. Our first time was in December, we thought Christmas Caroling to the residents would be fun. The older children also memorized different scriptures. It was good. At first the kids were somewhat nervous and scared. However we decided to continue this every month since, and it has become a joy. Not only to the kids, at least I know my A's love and look forward to it, but also the residents. They are so cute there, and excited to see us.
I am only saying this because it doesn't take much. You don't have to do a huge presentation. The simplicity of having us come, makes their day!!!!

So how do we do it?
The three mom's involved rotate turns of planning. Planning is simple, we choose 3-4 common children's songs, religious songs, or hymns. These are for our group to sing together. Then during the week before we go, we email the person in charge what each of our families will be doing. So if we are going to sing a family song, or maybe just the older 3 A's will sing, or maybe the younger girls with the help of an older sister, piano pieces, recorders, lap harps, memorized a poem, or a scripture. The ideas are endless, truly. These are all things we try to incorporate into our school studies anyways. It also helps us to remember to add these things to our studies!!!

This is a wonderful addition to our school, and life. It's something we love to do, to bring joy and cheer to others lives. And it's okay that the little ones are dancing around and goofing off.... honestly it is, the residents love to watch and play with them!

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