Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let's talk, DIRTY LAUNDRY.....

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I can not believe we've never spoken of dirty laundry, around my blog! At least I didn't find any!! Thank goodness, no one wants to see my dirty laundry, that's for sure.

This is probably the second most asked question in my life. Number one?? You probably already guessed it,

Are they all yours???

Yeah you guessed right,

the next question usually stems from,

How do you get "IT" all done?

Usually I laugh, and say, somehow "it" all gets done, or at least most of "it".

One of the first "IT'S" is usually laundry.

So the other day when I was digging our couch out from under Mt. Washmore, I decided something has to change!!!!

and change it did....

I decided I can not wash, and sort all these clothes, it just isn't fair! So I dedicated one afternoon, each week for my A's to take care of their own laundry... ah sigh of relief.

Mondays= the boys day...Noble, Valiant and Boy do laundry

Tuesdays= Mama Bears day

Wednesdays= Virtue and Precious do their laundry

Thursdays= Charity and Peaceful's laundry day

Fridays= Whom ever needs an extra day to get it all done.

Mornings are Mama Bears time to take care of cloth diapers, sheets, baby boy clothes and sheets, towels or anything that needs to be cleaned asap, you know the likes, pee-ed on sheets, spit up shirts, thrown up on towels... you know the regular Mama Bear clean up jobs!

Then every day after lunch, starts the kids time to wash. They are in charge of sorting, loading, washing, drying, sorting and putting away. They also must wash any dirty towels, clothes or whatever is placed in front of the washer.

Oh the freedom, I am loving this new system. I am only in charge of Papa Bear, Baby Bear and Mama Bears clothes, cloth diapers and our sheets.

Every week the A's are suppose to wash their sheets and pillowcases, along with blankets if needed. You see one BIG problem I dealt with was washing clothes that were not dirty, for lack of folding and putting away. Well now if some little A decides to put clean clothes in the dirty clothes basket, they get to sort, wash, dry, sort and put it away... I don't even have to know. If a certain A really wants to add all that to their workload, well so be it!

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