Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a thought on word studies....

Yesterday I attended an awesome mentor training retreat, put on by some of the most inspiring minds I want to know!!!! Seriously!!! One thing we did was learn about word studies. Which I've know about, the how to's, the why's..... but never really have implemented them, other than my oldest did them for a while, years ago! However she had a do a word study on the word EDUCATION. So for those of you that don't know about a word study, I will give you the very simplified definition. I am sure you can get great outlines and how to's else where. Basically you take a word, like EDUCATION. Look it up in the Webster's 1828 dictionary.  fun idea is to also look it up in a current dictionary, to compare and contrast! Then Look up interesting quotes and words of wisdom from religious leaders or other wise people. Look up scriptures that relate to the word. Then reason and evaluate and come up with a personal definition. I added to mine to also look up the word in the Bible Dictionary. Something I found interesting is that in the Bible Dictionary for the word EDUCATION it says,
The divine law impressed upon parents the duty of teaching their children it's precepts and principles.
Here's a few ideas that struct me:

The divine law
Impressed on the parents
The DUTY to teach

WOW!!!! I am not going to give you all the knowledge I gained from this word study, because that's mine..... and well you need to do it for yourself, and make it yours. However I HIGHLY Recommend you do this too.
Also while you are at it, research word studies~ the how's, why's and meaning!

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