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Why most Families have 2 children.....

Here's a link to another blog,  why most families have 2 children. I love her perspective on it. The fact that she takes her story and makes it real.

I personally felt that feeling of overwhelmed at three. I wasn't one of those mom's who felt I had to do everything for my children as she said. I enjoyed my children, but really didn't believe in that thought of spoiling a child, to the extreme that the world tends to do. I always thought it as...well... spoiling!

 I wasn't raised in a large family, however my mom did babysit in our home when I was younger. There were times when we were, a FULL HOUSE! My mom taught me through her example of training and running such a large amount of children. I did help with some of them, especially when she had a lot of babies and toddlers at one time. This was before all the daycare laws they have in place now. It's unbelievable how the laws lead to this spoiling! We never had a problem, and I believe it's up to the parents to make the decision of where they want their children to be. However that's a whole different topic, as the government tends to have other ideas on who should be raising our children.

For me that point of can I honestly have any more children, came with number 3. When I found out I was pregnant with number three, I was actually excited. As I started telling people, their replies were things like, "how will you manage another child", "are you sure you want another child", "you are
crazy!" Those sorts of replies. Well with those replies, coming from all directions, I started really wondering about all those things. I STARTED DOUBTING. I LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL ME, " I COULD NOT HANDLE IT". I even got to a point of depression, and honestly I stayed in that point of depression past her birth and until she was around 6 months old.

Sadly I let that mind set, kick in and I can sadly say that I do not remember her very early years. I let those voices continue in my mind, and I let Satan tell me those things, and kept them in my mind. I allowed Satan to remind me that " I COULD NOT DO IT".

Here's the honest truth, that's exactly what Satan's plan is, to destroy the FAMILY UNIT, in whatever way he can.

He can tell a new mom she can't handle it. There are so many ways he can, and does do this. Just as Lindsay said, being told by all the "professionals" that there is NO WAY to do it. There is no way a mom, like Lindsay, who followed all the advice from all the "experts" could have more than one kid and stay sain! He can make it unpopular, not normal to have or even want a large family.

He can tell young women that they want to be MORE than JUST a mom. She needs a career, she must go to college and put off having a family if she even decides she can fit a family into her life.

He can break up more families with divorce, make one spouse or both feel incomplete, looking for more somewhere anywhere. To drive families apart.

He can teach unscriptural doctrine that same sex families are good.

He can, and does do all these things, and so much more. He doesn't want to focus on just the Mom, or Dad  or just the children-- but the family as a whole. Satan does this in our culture. He pushes it everywhere. It's in our books, music, movies, internet, education, and yes it's in our churches. It's the norm, and until the norm wants to KICK SATAN OUT, he will never leave.

Does this mean we don't fight it, NO--NOWAY!! We fight and FIGHT. We teach our children. We be Titus 2 Women. We be examples to younger mothers around us, we help them, guide them, lead them. We must always be aware, be on guard.

I don't write this to cause a stir or be controversial. However there's no easy way to say something like this. I only hope that my words encourage a mom somewhere that is struggling with life, to not give up, TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

How different my life would be now, if I had listened to Satan. If I had stopped at 3. I would be missing 7 beautiful souls in my life, today. Some of the most beautiful, wonderful, blessings. Oh how sad to even think of that. To feel so..... incomplete.

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