Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Return of the Warm Fuzzies.....

Years ago, that's crazy I can say that, years ago!!
But yes, YEARS AGO I initiated the idea of warm fuzzies.
The idea came from this talk.....
I just love this idea of positive reinforcement of service.
Basically anytime I see anyone doing anything positive, serving others, and being selfless, they get a warm fuzzy. As you can see from the jar at the top of the post, the fuzzies are pom pom's. I happened to find some that are extra fluffy!!
We begin with an empty jar, an empty love bank, by seeing these acts of service, we are rewarding them with a fuzzy. Along with positive affirmation, and loving words. Then once the jar is full (in our case once all the fuzzies are out of the bag and into the jar) Then we will do something positive and fun with our family!!!
Depending on our situation this can be something simple, like a family hike and picnic or ice cream and the park. To something more extravagant, like a trip to the zoo, or a museum, or indoor trampoline park. Maybe even a camping trip!
We want our children to love serving, however to love serving others in all aspects. Sometimes people feel in order to serve you must "do" something for someone. However loving acts of kindness can simply be words or putting yourself before another. I want my children to realize that all of these deserve praise.

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