Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blogging, and thinking....thinking and blogging!

For some time  now I've wanted to put together a blog planner.
I LOVE the idea, simply because I LOVE to organize!
I also love this idea, because so often my great thoughts leave me!
completely LEAVE ME!!
I have many a great thought, however when those great thoughts are not written down, or put in to action, then the next one starts bumping them out and then before long, my great thought is,
Sometimes these great thoughts come through a conversation with a friend, or family member. Sometimes they come through a question posted on an email list I read, or maybe it's one I post. Sometimes they come from my own mind.
 I am one of those quiet souls, whose mind is always running 100 miles an hour. Having conversations with myself, and honestly that's part of why I started blogging, just to be heard! I am also one of those people who loves to write, hates to speak!
So to help me tame, the


going on in this Mommy Brain. I decided to print out a blog planner. I'm also organizing a home makers planner, and combining the two. As I started looking through all the beautiful and well thought out blog planners all over the Internet. I found out that my ideas for a blog planner, are
 NOT what most blog planners are.
I needed something simple, not a day to day planner, just a place to jot down my ideas, make monthly notes, nothing too complicated.
After searching I finally found the perfect one for me. It's from Confessions of a Homeschooler, her monthly planner. I simply printed out the monthly extra information and monthly calendars. In a nice 2 sided open spread. (one on each side of the binder when laid open) I also printed a few of the brainstorming and notes pages. 3 hole punched them and VOILA, a simplified blog planner!!!
BTW... if your looking for a nice simple homeschool planner, I love the ones she made.
I purchased the Colorful Lesson Planner,
and have been using it to do my mid year planning.
I love the lay out and design.
Oh and they match, so cute!!! 

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