Friday, March 6, 2015

Reading Time, Reading Time, and MORE Reading Time!.....

I've been asked a few times,

"How do you have a houseful of readers?"

Honestly, it hasn't always been that way. Nor has it always been easy!
I guess to me it seems quite simple,


We read and read and read in our house!
We read as part of our independent studies for school.
We read aloud during lunch.
We read aloud during Family Studies.
We Read every afternoon, during our religious reading time.
We are starting a new, quiet reading time just before bed time.
We also read our scriptures Morning and Night as a family, along with our personal scripture readings daily.
Plenty of times during the day to read. And those are just the "scheduled" reading times.
The second reason, and I feel is the most important reason, is that we have very few electronics' in our house. We also do not watch TV (internet or cable) and few movies.
All of which can be considered "distractions"
When a child get's bored, what do they do? Look for something to do.
What do my children do?
Many things, baking, playing games, do art projects, legos, we have toys both educational and plain fun. They work and they play that's for sure!
However when they need a down time, they usually head for a book, not an electronic devise.
(Well usually! My oldest two have phones and like to text too. However I still think they read a great deal more than most "teenagers")
Now I'll admit this goes up and down, we are good at it and then not so great at it. Frankly who doesn't want that electronic babysitter?

However I want my family to Want to Read, to Read to Learn, to ENJOY READING!

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