Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A message to a younger homeschooling ME.........

I feel that the most important message any new homeschooler can get, is that you must own YOUR own homeschool. I remember when I started out, reading a blog or hearing a new idea, reading a book or some new method of how to homeschool..... and thinking YEP, this is the one! Then after I read, researched, pondered, and of course put it into action in our home... it wasn't working just as that person said it would. WHY!?!?!? I'd try to push it, try to force it, and try to critic it and me and my children, to only find out it wouldn't work!! WHY?!?!?!?!
Because it wasn't me, or all of it wasn't me.
You must take what works for you and your family, and simply throw the rest out!!!
No matter how pretty, how perfect, how wonderful it seems. If the shoe doesn't fit, it will only cause you a new blister!!!!
So ladies take my few words of caution as you start planning your new years, remember to take what works, what you love and use it....... and then THROW THE REST OUT!!!!

Happy Planning!!!!

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