Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Picture Study... Artist Appreciation Ideas

I'm BACK!!! Been Busy, and well haven't been scheduling in my time to do this, so here we go- let's try again!!!

I was just getting ready to prep my family artist study, started a google search for ideas, and..........
Look what I found!


love it!!!

So how do I use these in our school?

In our Morning Times. We study one artist a month, and look at up to 4 pictures throughout the month. One week we try to draw, paint, or sculpt like them. One week we learn about the artist's background. The other two weeks we look at and "investigate" the artwork.Very LOW KEY, and SIMPLE!!! I use a lot of the Charlotte Mason approach to Picture Study's.

My idea is to
a- inspire

.... from there those who love art will do it naturally, those who don't, won't!

Oh and just to keep it all real.... we are just starting these up again, after over a year of not doing it!!!


  1. Love it! I knew the Spirit guided me to your blog again for a reason. Between seeing your family's picture on my fridge and hearing about Abby's engagement (for real?! So cool!!!), you have been on my mind. Thanks for sharing! Can I repost this idea on my homeschooling blog? I LOVE this reminder. We have done a few picture studies, but I just haven't done it so much lately. LOVE the site and your idea. Keep being awesome! :) Love you!

    1. Hi Mary, I am so sorry I didn't see this comment on here, for so long!! Forgive my delay in replying!!! Yes post away, it's definitely for all to share and love!
      So happy to hear from you, your definitely one of my favorite mentors!! Enjoy,


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