Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wiggly Boys, Wiggly Boys...what to do with all those wiggly boys?

and Girls!!!

So those of you who don't know me personally don't know that I have 4 boys in a row. Ages 8, 6, 5, 4 and a toddler 20 month old girl.... who might be mistaken for a girl in a skirt! What can I say, she was raised by those 4 boys! Plus I have 2 older boys, who use to be little boys. And a couple other wiggly girls all in one house!!!

In my opinion it's fine to let them be wiggly, to let them use that energy they have, because a lot of the time they just have a ton of built up energy they need to have used!

I thought I'd collect a few tips and ideas for teaching wiggly kids.

*If you are trying to practice reading with them, and they can't sit still long enough to do a lesson, make a deal, for every page they read they will earn 2-5 minutes of "recess" or "free play" right after their lesson. This should be changed to their age and ability. So it could be page, paragraph, sentence- word or flashcard. I like to say you have to sit until the lessons done or maybe give a specific time frame, such as we will do reading for 20 minutes. Then as they get better at sitting and reading, you can adjust those times and goals. Make it a positive, you are learning so well and doing so good, I think we should set a new goal.

*Break it up! Don't expect the wiggly ones to sit for hours doing their work. Let them have a break or do something more active in between. Even the simple act of moving to a computer or to a couch will change it up for them.

*Many homeschool moms allow kids to play with blocks or quiet toys while reading aloud. I prefer not to do that, too many times those quiet toys have become loud toys during our read aloud. I like to use snack time as read aloud time. If their mouths are full, they can't really talk! I will also have kids color or draw while I read aloud.

*Make sure you are using their needs as you go through the day. If a child is really struggling with a case of the wiggles give them something they can do, actively. If they are practicing math facts, let them do it outside on the trampoline, or even walking in a circle.

*Stick to a routine. I have found my wiggly kids, do better knowing what to expect.

*Add multi-sensory tools into the mix. Play games, add activities, do hands on, act out stories, or pull out the legos and let them listen to a CD while playing. Listen to educational CD's in the car.

*Add in sneaky learning, as I like to call it. Place books out that you want the kids to read, maybe you sit down and read it one day and then leave it somewhere they can. Put maps and eduational posters in their rooms or playrooms. If someone asks a question, don't just answer it, teach it. Papa Bear has been fishing in Alaska, so in stead of just saying he's in Alaska we could find it on the map, look at some Alaska books or you tube videos. No lesson plans, just simply answering their questions!

Hope that helps, and if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I actually keep a list in my planner all about wiggly kids! Ideas or thoughts I have, things we've done that helped. It's just a simple list of ideas, because usually when they are all wiggly, I can't think straight!

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